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Spurned from the fires of Hope and built on a philosophy that you don't say you've done all you can do - you do all you can do, was born.

A 25th hour last ditch effort to pull off a Monday night miracle.

And It Worked!

It worked because of Eli Manning

It worked because of Martellus Bennett

and it worked because over 40,000 people visited the site and hundreds tweeted their support.

The domain was purchased on game day for just that game but now I will keep it open.

In an effort to pay it forward - this site will now become the Fantasy Wishing Well.

Those in need of a Monday Night Miracle will come here and let the collective know what they are rooting for just like you throw pennies in a fountain.

The simple goal: Influence the fantasy sphere.

As the commercial says and Tommy Palica tweeted: It's Only Weird If It Doesn't Work!

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